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Hemorrhoid Surgery


Each person has three columns of hemorrhoidal tissue in their anal canal. These hemorrhoidal columns are a part of normal human anatomy and they allow you to control your bowel movements. Constipation, diarrhea, pregnancy and obesity are some of the conditions that cause these hemorrhoidal columns to become inflamed and engorged. This can result in bleeding, mucous discharge, itching, fecal staining of underwear, and occasionally pain. People with hemorrhoids may also notice a bulge protruding from their anus following straining, exercise, or coughing. This bulge is called a “prolapsed hemorrhoid”. Most commonly, a prolapsed hemorrhoid returns to the anal canal on its own. Sometimes a person must push the prolapsed hemorrhoid back up into the anal canal.

Small hemorrhoids may respond to stool softeners and Sitz baths, but larger hemorrhoids that cause pain, persistent bleeding and/or poor hygiene may require an office procedure or a small operation in order to remove the inflamed and engorged tissue. The treatment of choice is unique to each person and depends on a variety of factors, including patient preference as well as the size, location, and number of hemorrhoids. Dr. Madni will examine you in clinic and will recommend the procedure that is best for you.


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